What is Compassion?

“Benevolence; good will; the inclination to act to the benefit of others; the humane quality of understanding others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”

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Compassionate Tax Service is a full service tax and accounting office specializing in serving the needs of individuals, small businesses and nonprofits.

We offer a complete array of financial services, including:

  • Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Tax Planning, Preparation and Representation before the IRS
  • Strategic Planning
  • Start-Up and Business Expansion Consulting
  • Assistance with Loan Applications and Bank Packages
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  • Budgeting and Management Reporting
  • Accounting System Set-up and QuickBooks Consulting
  • Nonprofit Compliance Reporting and Consulting

Through our strategic alliances we can also assist our clients with:

  • Home Refinancing and Mortgage Acquisitions
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Financial Planning

For a competitive fee Compassionate Tax Service clients can use a payroll-processing program that allows clients to process their own payroll online. Our program will automatically email you when it’s payday and we’ll make sure your taxes are paid on time, best of all we can access your payroll information anytime we need to, allowing us to support you and get information we need to prepare your financial statements and tax returns.

Our Vision:

Compassionate Tax Service provides professional accounting and tax services to individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits through our attention to our clients needs. Our job is to temper our enthusiasm for our clients’ success with our commitment to integrity and our knowledge of tax law and accounting principles.

Our Mission Statement:

We believe that financial stability is essential to the quality of life for the individual and the surrounding community. By providing excellent customer service, we build relationships, one by one, which in turn builds stronger, more stable communities.

We are committed to the following values:

Compassion. We understand the concerns and problems of others and want to do something about them…we take the time to understand our customer’s situation, offering services or advice to meet their needs

Professionalism. While we sincerely care about our customer’s welfare, our job is to temper our concern with our knowledge of tax law and accounting principles. We do the best that we can do for our customers while maintaining complete integrity and the highest of standards.

Equanimity. Each individual, whether an employee or customer, deserves kindness and respect.

Integrity. Adherence to high standards. High standards for quality work and extraordinary customer service are paramount to our business.

Nonjudgmental. While we are discerning and offer financial advice, we don’t make judgments about our clients’ choices.

Responsibility. Our responsibility is to provide our customers with our best expertise. To do this, we ask our customers to help us help them by providing us with the necessary financial information. This allows us to provide high-quality financial services at a reasonable price.

Community centered. We recognize that when the individual prospers, we all benefit. Our goal is to be a part of this community—to add value to it. So we practice the Golden Rule…do unto others, as you would want them to do unto you. We expect no less from this community than what we are willing to put into it.